MyPrivateProxy Review: Is it the best proxy provider for datacenter proxy?

Are you confused to choose the best and most suitable proxy among many proxy providers out there for your task? 

Don’t worry, IP Fighter will be here to review a series of proxy providers. Our first blog episode is on MyPrivateProxy. 

So if you’re considering purchasing a proxy from MyPrivateProxy, then this article may help you have a comprehensive and details view. 

Have you ever heard about their reputation? 

Eleven years in proxy market, MyPrivateProxy is now one of the top leading proxy providers in the market. It is also known as MPP Group and is headquartered in Seychelles. 

Now, ready to get to know the new friend MyPrivateProxy? What are the “strengths” and “weaknesses” of our new friend MyPrivateProxy? 

Let’s find out together. 

Pros and cons of MyPrivateProxy

1. Pros of MyPrivateProxy

  • Large IPs Pool

Is the pool size of the IP address one of the factors that you consider when choosing a proxy provider, right? Because if it’s small, it’s easy to duplicate. 


As the information they provide on their website, they have more than 120.000 IP addresses. It’s a rather quite small number if compared to other residential proxy providers. However, for datacenter proxies, it can be okay to use.

  • Diverse proxy options

There are 3 types of proxies they provide including private proxy, dedicated proxy, and shared proxy. All of them are datacenter proxies.  

In case you’re a beginner, my following definition explanation may help you understand clearly. 

Private proxy and dedicated proxy are for only one user at a given time. Shared proxy means that you will use one IP proxy with other people, and here are MyPrivateProxy's customers. You will be able to use proxy with other people at the same time. 

However, their dedicated proxies are used for specific purposes including for those doing checkout copping sneakers, catching pokemonGO, or ticketing. So, if you use a shared or private proxy but not this one, then the high risk of sneakers, pokemonGO sites are blocked.

  • Affordable price

One of the factors which those buying proxy interested in most is the pricing. So, how about MyPrivateProxy’s pricing?  

When comes to their pricing plan, in my opinion, it’s quite affordable compared to other proxy providers in the market. Because half a year ago, when other proxy providers hadn’t increased the price yet, MyPrivateProxy’s price was quite expensive. 

And now, at the time of writing, in each type of proxy, they divide many other packages according to the purpose of use and quantity with detailed information for each one. If the number of proxies they set doesn’t meet your needs, you can click on Contact us to reach their customer support team to customize as you want. 

The more proxies you buy, the less price per proxy is. Let’s take private proxies for example. If you buy MPP 1 (1 proxy), price per proxy is $2.49. But if you choose MPP 2000 (bonus 200 proxies), price per proxy is $1.13. What a bargain, isn’t it?

Go to MyPrivateProxy’s website to know more about their full pricing plans. New text block.
  • Diverse payment methods options

So how about their payment methods? Which one do they support? Luckily, they support two payment methods which are PayPal or you can use credit cards through Stripe. 

  • Having refund policy

In case you already bought their proxy and are unsatisfied with its quality, then there’s no need to worry because it has a refund policy, which is one of the most significant advantages of MyPrivateProxy. 

However, their 3 days money-back guarantee just covers some plans including MSP 50 package’s shared proxies and some packages in private proxies. But you won’t get a full refund if your proxies don’t meet some of their conditions. You can read the detailed information here to understand clearly before purchasing. 

And it’s unfortunate for those who are using a dedicated proxy because this refund policy isn’t applied to it.

  • Refresh automatic proxy feature

Give a plus point for MyPrivateProxy because of having this feature. So if you want your proxies to be replaced every month, this feature may help you. Then they will be replaced once per billing cycle. To do that, you can request one set of proxies or enable auto refresh proxies. New batch of proxies will start the second month of your subscription.

  • Simple to use

If you come to the process to purchase the proxy, you will soon recognize their interface is quite simple. Moreover, the registration and payment process is easy to understand and follow. 

After choosing the proxy package you want, then click on Get Started, here you will configure your proxy by choosing the billing cycle, use cases, and proxy location as you want. 

The more specific use cases, the more suitable proxies will be provided to you. 

Remember to read carefully and double-check your billing before clicking the Continue button. If having a promo code, fill it in and click Validate Code, then click Check out.

Don't forget to fill out your personal and other related information to be able to buy proxy you want. 

After all the processes are completed, now you got your proxy but don’t know how to use MyPrivateProxy’s proxy, don’t worry. I will guide you step by step in the next part. Just keep reading!

2. Cons of MyPrivateProxy

Except for all advantages mentioned above, MyPrivateProxy also has some drawbacks that you need to consider before purchasing. 

  • Having no free trial plan

Unlike most other proxy providers, they have no free trial plan for you to test. Thus, you can consider purchasing the smallest number to check the quality and how well it works before making a decision to scale up. 

  • Not many locations

Another disadvantage is having limited locations. They just only have more than 10 countries including the US, Canada, Australia, few European and Asian countries along with 16 states and cities in the US. Just a few options for you to choose from. 

So you need to check with customer support to know whether they have the location of the proxy you want or not. 

In case you want a specific state or city in the US, contact them for suppor

  • No offer SOCKS proxy

Unfortunately, they don’t provide both proxy protocols but just have HTTP/HTTPS. There’s no room for SOCKS. So in case you want to use it, visit some other proxy providers' websites to be able to choose the best one for you.

How to use MyPrivateProxy

First, you head to My Proxies and all of the information about the proxy you’ve just bought will be here.  

To access the proxy, you need to use the username and password that they provide to authenticate. To secure your proxy, you can update your new password. Or in another way, you can use a single IP or multiple IP addresses (they allow up to 10 IPs) to authenticate. 

If you use this way, other IP addresses which are not in the authorized IPs list can’t access this proxy. In this case, it will be like this.

In case you download the full proxy list, the list doesn’t show you the location but just covers IP, port, username, and password. It’s quite inconvenient. That’s why you need to enable API access to fetch your proxy list by using links they provide (including locations as well). This API feature will be much faster and more convenient rather than filtering proxies manually.  

Now, just set up proxy you have with the browser you’re using or on your operating system. If you set up proxy on Firefox, then I highly recommend using Proxy Toggle extensions to switch between direct connection and when connecting to proxy in a blink of an eye. 

Look up MyPrivateProxy’s proxy IP with IP Fighter

Once the process is done, I head to the website IP Fighter to look up MyPrivateProxy’s proxy IP to see whether its information is correct as they claim or not, whether it is clean or not,... 

Have no idea about IP Fighter? 

It will check detailed information about IP you're using such as country, city, ISP or whether leaking DNS or WebRTC or not, and whether it is on the blacklist in any websites with information about your browser fingerprint. 

From that, IP Fighter will evaluate your IP's score as well as provide a guide to fix if it has errors. 

I already bought one private proxy from MyPrivateProxy, then I will check it with IP Fighter to see how well it works.

All of the information about this proxy here is as accurate as they provide. As you can see, my IP proxy's score on IP Fighter is 70/100. Moreover, it also notifies me about WebRTC leakage and timezone different. 

To fix them, I'll click on How to fix to read the guideline. It heads to How to change the date and time on Windows 10 and How to Disable WebRTC for online privacy without leaks. It’s useful to know these tips. Or you can put proxy into antidetect browser Hidemyacc to fix all of those, which is much faster and more convenient. 

Just click on New Profile then choose Proxy, then you will fill out all the information about the proxy into it like this. 

Then, you can check again with IP Fighter. As you can see, my score now is 100/100.

Check MyPrivateProxy’s speed

To check whether MyPrivateProxy’s speed is fast or not, we check it on Speedtest. The first photo is my direct connection when not connecting proxy. The internet connection speed is 55.43 Mbps for downloading and 69.58 Mbps for uploading.

The second one is when connecting to MyPrivateProxy. The internet connection speed is quite slower than our direct connection with 23.64 Mbps for downloading and 11.03 Mbps for uploading.

For my case, I think the speed of private proxy I bought here doesn’t match what they claim that “1000 Mbps internet connections.” But this situation doesn’t mean that all of the rest have the same speed. If you guys experienced their proxy and see its speed is much faster than mine, you can share it with me.

Should you use MyPrivateProxy or not?

Not mention to some errors with operating system, this private proxy can be considered clean because it is not on the blacklist of any websites. This review is especially for private proxy, so if you have ever experienced other types of proxies, feel free to share with us and other people.

Some Myprivateproxy reviews from their customers

Before making the decision to buy proxy from MyPrivateProxy, I also read some reviews from some places and some reviews from their customers on Trustpilot. 

Their average star score is 4,1 with 26 reviews in total. 1 star and 5 star take up the most. 

There have been some negative feedbacks which is mostly related to mistakes in payment. However, it is still a very small number, so it's hard to be able to evaluate objectively.


Let me sum up the main idea about their pros and cons so that it will be easier for you to take notes and remember. 

MyPrivateProxy Pros 

  • Large IPs Pool
  • Diverse proxy options
  • Affordable price
  • Diverse payment methods options
  • Having refund policy
  • Refresh automatic proxy feature
  • Simple to use 

MyPrivateProxy Cons 

  • Having no free trial plan
  • Not many locations
  • No offer SOCKS proxy
  • No offer residential proxy


This article is just about my personal experience using a private proxy from MyPrivateProxy. So I recommend that you should read other review articles to have a widen view to evaluate and consider before purchasing. 

Is it helpful to you? If yes, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends or those who are in need. 

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