What is the best proxy for Antidetect Browsers?

Antidetect browsers are designed to manage multiple accounts, which can easily trigger website suspicion and end up being suspended in bulk. The main purpose of using an antidetect browser is to hide the user's  real browser fingerprint by creating a new one. 


But browser fingerprint isn’t the only parameter that websites keep an eye on. Aside from your browser fingerprint, websites will also detect other information such as the user's IP address or behavior onsite.

Why do you need a proxy when using an Antidetect Browser?

Along with browser fingerprint, IP address is also a parameter that is usually detected. One of the most popular tools to change this key element is proxy. Proxy is a middleman standing between you and the Internet server, transferring the request back and forth so your real IP address will be hidden from the websites. It is a mandatory basic element for dealing with multi-accounting, so you need to have reliable proxies to keep your accounts safe.

Antidetect browsers are usually designed to add proxy easily. Usually, you can add the proxy directly when creating a new profile so that profile will have both a distinct browser fingerprint and IP address. 

Here are some common use cases that are suitable for the combination of antidetect browsers and proxies:

  • Multiple accounts management: The most common use of this combo is to register and manage multiple accounts on different platforms such as social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter) or eCommerce platforms (Amazon, eBay, Etsy).

  • Automation: Automation is vital for those who are trying to make money from the Internet, especially when you are doing tasks on a large scale involving different accounts and platforms. Although automation can save you a lot of time, money, and conduct requests flawlessly, there’s a high risk of suspension and block due to its bot-like behavior and characteristics.  Therefore, you’ll need to make sure that the antidetect browser and proxies are of good quality.

  • Web scraping: Antidetect browsers and proxies are also used to scrape information from different resources online. Having this combination securing your accounts, you can scrape and compare prices from all the sites you want for information such as shopping retail, travel flight and booking expenses.

  • Offer/Survey: Doing offers and surveys to get rewards also requires having different browser fingerprints and IP addresses. However, these sites are usually very strict about the user information so you’ll have to be careful about which providers to choose so you can bypass these platforms.

How to choose a proxy for Antidetect Browser

Which type of proxy should you use?

If your tasks involve managing accounts, you should choose these following proxy types to ensure better safety and compatibility with platforms:

  • Residential Proxy: Residential proxies offer IP addresses from real households, making your accounts appear natural as if they are real users accessing from their houses. Therefore, this type of proxy is more preferred and expensive than Datacenter proxies.

  • IPv4 Proxy: Most websites still bias IPv4 over IPv6, and many don’t even support IPv6. Thus, to ensure smooth access and avoid limitations from websites, you should go for IPv4 proxies. Yet, due to the limited number of IPv4, you should be careful not to buy a low-quality proxy that’s blacklisted by websites.

  • Mobile Proxy: If you want to do tasks on platforms such as TikTok or Instagram, using mobile proxies will bring about better results since most users of these platforms access from their phones using mobile IP addresses.

Things to consider when choosing a proxy for Antidetect Browser

  • Compatibility: As aforementioned, the proxies need to be compatible with the websites and devices you’re using.

  • Speed: Some tasks such as buying limited products or getting game offers require high speed so if the proxy server is too slow, you’re unlikely to get the desired results.

  • Blacklist: If the proxy is in the blacklist of websites you want to use, you won’t be able to work on those sites. 

Here are some tips you can apply to choose the best proxies for antidetect browsers:

  • Read reviews: Read reviews about the providers from previous users to get a better point of view about their service.

  • Chat with support: Chat with the proxy service support to ask about your specific use cases and see their suggestions. See how fast their support replies and if they are supportive. A helpful and quick support is always a big plus.

  • Test with small quantity: When you purchase from a provider for the first time, always buy in small quantities to test the quality before making any big purchase.


Selecting the best proxy for antidetect browsers is crucial for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of tasks involving multiple accounts management. By understanding the essential parameters, such as browser fingerprint, IP address, and task requirements, you can make the right decisions when choosing the appropriate proxy type—be it Residential, IPv4, or Mobile proxies.

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