What do you need to register multiple Google accounts?

Email addresses are vital for online accounts, but they can be misused for spamming. Google uses advanced algorithms to detect suspicious registration and verification attempts, safeguarding users from spam and other harmful activities.


Creating numerous Google accounts requires careful planning to avoid restrictions. Let's explore the essential elements for mass account registration and the right proxies to make the process smoother.

What do you need for mass account registration?

To farm accounts effectively without dealing with constant CAPTCHAs or other restrictions, you'll need:

1. Antidetect Browser

An antidetect browser helps in creating virtual profiles with unique fingerprint parameters. This software ensures that browser fingerprint elements like Timezone, Geolocation, and Languages align with your proxy geolocation. Each profile is assigned an IP address that doesn't raise Google's suspicions.


In a previous blog post, we’ve reviewed Hidemyacc antidetect browser, an outstanding choice to keep your browser fingerprint and identity safe. Not only does Hidemyacc help you keep your browser fingerprint safe, it also has a lot of features such as Teamwork and Automation to help you run tasks smoothly.

2. Proxies

Prepare proxies with IP addresses that haven't been blacklisted. Creating multiple Google accounts from the same IP address can lead to a mass accounts ban. A proxy server helps by changing your IP address, lowering Google's suspicions. Google accepts various proxy types (datacenter, residential, IPv4, or IPv6) as long as the IP is not blacklisted.


While a phone number is usually optional, Google might request it if your IP raises suspicion due to:

  • Unusual IP or browser fingerprint activity.

  • Large-scale activity or violations linked to your browser fingerprint or IP.

  • Multiple accounts registered with the same browser fingerprint or IP.

In this case, the process will be more complicated and require a phone number or an SMS activation service.

3. Cookies (Not for Eating, Of Course)

To register multiple Google accounts, prepare a list of trusted websites. Visiting these sites to collect cookies increases your account success chances. A virtual profile resembling a regular web surfer with a database of several hundred cookies looks less suspicious to security algorithms.


Trusted websites are those with high reputation and trust from search engines. Choosing popular websites for collecting cookies enhances your account success rate.

The most effective type of proxy

Choosing the right proxy is crucial to avoid suspicions from Google. Residential proxies offer a high level of anonymity and security, making them ideal for creating accounts. These proxies use IP addresses rented from ISPs or real people, making Google see you as a regular Internet user from a specific location. If you choose a proxy incorrectly, you’ll be marked as suspicious and need to either pass additional checks, or create a new profile and start entirely from scratch.


Rotating and mobile proxies are even better. Mobile proxies, with dynamic IP addresses, are often used for Google but come at a higher price compared to residential ones. You should consider factors such as speed, security levels, and price.


Creating multiple Google accounts requires careful consideration of various factors, including browser fingerprints, IP addresses, and cookie collection. Google's algorithms constantly evolve, so periodically changing your approach and testing new strategies is essential for success. Using secure tools increases the longevity of your accounts, ensuring they remain trusted and long-lasting.

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