Terms of Service

Hi guys,

IP Fighter is a free site that helps you check the parameters of the browser you are using. We have regulations on using the service, please carefully check the following information first:

I. General terms

  • IP Fighter's system uses browser fingerprint analysis technology, evaluating and giving a score on a 100-point scale. All this information is only used to assist you in checking your IP and browser is clean and making suggestions to fix these problems.
  • We do not collect your personal browser information and will not store your information anywhere.
  • We are committed not to use this information for commercial purposes and to buy and sell data.
  • The information contained on IP Fighter’s blog is owned by us, copying for posting elsewhere will require our approval of the website administration team.

II. Regulations on changing terms

  • In the process of researching and developing the service, we may change the information, regulations and terms of use accordingly. You will not be notified of these changes. Therefore, IP Fighter is not responsible for your lack of information.

III. Contact us

  • If you have any questions or feedback regarding these regulations, you may contact us via email: [email protected].