Facebook proxies: Avoid checkpoint when managing multiple Facebook accounts

When it comes to multiple Facebook accounts, whether for ads, seeding, or selling accounts, choosing the right proxy is important to prevent checkpoints and mass account lockouts. So, what type of proxy should you be going for?

Why should we use proxies for multiple Facebook accounts?

Here are some reasons why you should use proxies when managing multiple accounts:

  • Blacklisted IP: If your IP is blacklisted on Facebook, you need a proxy to switch to a fresh IP.

  • Multiple accounts: Each IP can be used for 10-15 Facebook accounts simultaneously. You shouldn’t exceed this limit to avoid checkpoints. Since Facebook can detect a user account’s IP, it will suspend multiple accounts that share the same IP. 

  • Geo-targeting: For accounts targeting specific countries, proxy from those locations is a must. You should use Philippine proxies for Philippine accounts, Indonesian proxies for Indonesian accounts, Indian proxies for Indian accounts, and so forth.

What to consider when choosing a proxy?

  • Clean IP: Ensuring our IPs remain free from blacklists is vital for uninterrupted Facebook operations. 

  • IPv4 proxy: Although Facebook allows both IPv4 and IPv6 access, IPv4 proxies tend to trigger fewer checkpoints and account lockouts. The vast number of IPv6 addresses challenges traffic control, making this type of IP more likely to get checkpoint and suspension from Facebook.

  • Private proxy: You should opt for proxies with fewer users to maintain better control since shared IPs can lead to suspension due to other users' behavior.

  • Residential proxy: Trustworthy residential proxies, sourced from household IPs, lend a more genuine user impression and increase trust.

Additional tips

  • For a reliable proxy provider, consult our article in our blog “How to choose a reliable proxy service

  • You can use both static and rotating proxies to make your account more trustworthy. Start by using static proxies for a few days, emulating consistent logins through fixed IPs. Then, switch to rotating proxies for 1-2 days, simulating occasional logins from mobile connections like 3G/4G. This approach mirrors genuine user behavior, leading Facebook to perceive it as natural conduct, thereby reinforcing the credibility and stability of your accounts.


Managing multiple Facebook accounts requires the right proxy solution to avoid checkpoints and account suspensions. By choosing clean, reliable proxies and following the recommended strategies, you can ensure seamless operations and maintain the integrity of your accounts.

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