How to choose a reliable proxy service?

Proxies act as middlemen between your device and the websites you visit, letting you surf the web incognito and access content that's blocked in certain locations. Therefore, picking a reliable proxy service is super important to make sure your online activities run smoothly and securely.


To assist you in the process of choosing a reliable proxy service, we've rounded up a bunch of helpful suggestions to help you avoid any hiccups and make a smart choice.

1. Searching for proxy services

The first step is to create a list of potential candidates for evaluation and comparison. Here's how you can do it:

  • Perform a Google search using keywords like "proxy service" or “proxy provider”

  • Select approximately 15-20 proxy services from the search results.

Note: Avoid choosing the top-ranked providers as they tend to have more users, increasing the chances of IP addresses being overused or blacklisted. It's advisable to consider providers that are reputable but not excessively popular.

2. Reading Reviews 

Given the limited time and budget, it's impractical to individually test the quality of each service on your list. Reading user reviews is an effective approach to filter out low-quality proxy services. Here are two common methods to find reviews:

  • Conduct a Google search for proxy service reviews: Search for the proxy service provider's name followed by the term "proxy service review" on Google. This will help you find reviews from users who have previously used their services.

  • Visit reputable review platforms: Platforms like provide a reliable source of user reviews. Search for the proxy service's name on Trustpilot and check the overall rating and number of reviews.

Note: Prioritize providers labeled as "verified company" below their logo. Trustpilot is a reliable platform, and you can also explore other websites such as,,, and for additional reviews.

3. Conducting Tests

While reviews can be helpful, they may also be subject to manipulation or fake feedback. To ensure the utmost certainty, conducting your own tests is recommended. Once you have identified proxy services with positive reviews and decide to proceed with a purchase, keep the following guidelines in mind:


  • Start with a small quantity: Purchase a small quantity of IPs for testing purposes (avoid buying only 1-2 IPs to obtain more accurate results). Buying many IPs without knowing for sure if they can work is too risky.

  • Test the proxies with new accounts: Use the purchased IPs to register new accounts. Avoid using them for active accounts to prevent any potential suspensions due to low-quality proxies.

  • Monitor proxy performance: After using the proxies for a short period, observe if any proxies become inactive or encounter issues and how the provider handles such situations.

  • Evaluate additional factors: Consider factors such as pricing, discounts, policies, and support services based on the number of IPs you intend to purchase.


In addition to the aforementioned, there are a few more factors to consider before finalizing your decision. These following factors can contribute to the overall quality of the proxy service and enhance your user experience:

  • Geographical coverage: Determine if the provider offers proxies from locations that match your desired targets.

  • Proxy pool size: Check the size of the provider's proxy pool as a larger pool generally offers more diversity and reliability.

  • Connection speed: Ensure that the proxies provide fast and stable connections for your intended applications.

  • Customer support: Look for providers with responsive and helpful customer support to address any issues or concerns promptly.

Selecting a reliable proxy service is the key to effectively solving your online tasks. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently make the right choices for your needs. Take the time to research and evaluate providers, considering aspects like their reputation, user reviews, and performance. 


For further guidance and valuable insights, be sure to explore IPFighter's blog. There are detailed reviews on various proxy services as well as useful tips and tricks related to proxies and IPs to keep you well-informed and equipped with the right knowledge.

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