What to consider when choosing proxies and emails for Google Ads accounts?

Compared to running ads on Facebook, running Google Ads is generally less restrictive when it comes to proxy selection since Google is not as strict about IP usage. 


However, this doesn't mean you can use any proxy without consideration. In this article, we will outline key points to keep in mind regarding proxies and emails to warm up Google Ads accounts.

Which type of proxy should you use?

Unlike Instagram, which only accepts residential IPs, or Facebook, which prioritizes IPv4, you can use any type of proxy for Google Ads: datacenter, residential, IPv4, or IPv6, as long as the IP is not blacklisted by Google.

To check whether an IP is blacklisted by Google, follow the instructions provided in our previous blog post "5 Things to Consider When Checking the Quality of Proxies".

Should you buy pre-existing emails or create your own?

1. Buying pre-created emails

If you choose to buy emails, go for the aged emails with a complete set of information, interactions with other sites or email addresses, which ensures higher trustability. Make sure to buy from reliable services to avoid scam, or purchasing emails that are blacklisted and unusable or that may lead to your account getting banned.


After purchasing an email, it's best to warm it up for a few weeks using your own proxy instead of using it right away. Using an IP location close to the email's previous IP also helps reduce suspicion.

2. Creating your own emails

Fill in all the required information and verify the email to increase the email trustability.

The longer an email is aged, the better. It's recommended to create multiple emails in advance for aging purposes.


Before using an account to run ads, you can associate it with a previously suspended IP and appeal once to make the account more reliable. After successfully appealing, the account will be less likely to get suspended. Please note that this should only be done with accounts that have never been used. When using an email for ad campaigns, ensure that you use a clean and stable IP to avoid any unusuality that might raise Google suspicions.


Can multiple emails share the same IP?

No, it's not advisable. If the IP is blacklisted, all the accounts associating with that IP may get locked in bulk.

Can multiple accounts share the same payment method?

Yes, it's possible, but be cautious. If one campaign gets banned, it may endanger the others. If too many campaigns get banned, consider discontinuing the use of that payment method.


When sharing, it's better to space out the usage and use a payment method with many purchases before rather than a brand new one.

Should you use a business email or a regular email?

You can use either, as long as it's a reliable email (with a complete avatar, information, two-factor authentication, etc). Use emails that have been aged in advance and avoid using new emails.

Can you use the IP that is associated with an email that has been banned before?

It's not recommended. If the previous account was banned, there's a high chance that the IP will be added to the blacklist. Creating a new account on that IP may result in either not being able to create a new account at all or the new account quickly getting banned.

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