Twitter proxies: What is the most suitable proxy type for Twitter?

When dealing with multiple Twitter accounts – whether it's for seeding purposes or account sales – selecting the appropriate proxy becomes crucial in avoiding mass account suspensions.


Now, the question arises: What type of proxy is the optimal choice for your needs?

How should you choose an IP address to manage multiple accounts?

  • Clean IP: The admin has a post in the group explaining what a clean IP is, one that isn't blacklisted. The link will be provided in the comments section.

  • Residential Static IP: It's advisable to choose a residential proxy as it gives accounts a higher trust level and makes them appear more like genuine users. Additionally, residential static proxies have a fixed IP over a long period, which is more natural. To mimic real users, changing IP constantly every login isn't feasible.

  • Private IP: Opting for a private IP is recommended because shared IPs used by many people are difficult to control and can increase the risk of account suspension.

The only downside to using a proxy that meets these criteria is that it might be more expensive. This suits those with fewer accounts but higher quality, for engaging in various activities. 

What should you consider when changing IPs for multiple accounts?

  • For self-created accounts:

Avoid frequent IP changes over a short period or switching IPs between different countries. Additionally, refrain from changing IPs right after creating an account. It's better to create an account for a while beforehand to strengthen it and decrease the suspension rate. Right after account creation, only log in 1-2 times a day, with several hours in between, and combine this with running scripts to interact with the account, such as likes, quotes, etc., to mimic genuine user behavior.

  • For purchased accounts:

Similar to self-created accounts, but note that you should let a purchased account sit for 1-2 days before changing the IP. Avoid changing the IP immediately after buying the account. Also, choose an IP that's as close as possible to the IP that’s been used before.


Is it possible to use data center proxies for Twitter accounts?

Using data center IPs allows you to register Twitter accounts, but these IPs won't be as trusted as residential IPs.


Can rotating proxies be used for Twitter accounts?

Using rotating proxies might lead to a higher account suspension rate compared to using static proxies. With rotating proxies, the IP changes constantly during logins. On the flip side, this method might be more cost-effective and suitable for those continuously running multiple activities, quickly cycling through accounts. It does consume more accounts but allows for many activities in a short time.


Should you consider buying Twitter accounts?

If purchasing accounts externally, choose those with 2-factor authentication enabled to reduce the likelihood of account shutdowns. Pay attention to the IP that’s been used before, as mentioned earlier.


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