OkeyProxy Review: Tailored IP service for any customer

Picking the right proxy provider can be a bit of a puzzle. You never really know if your investment will pay off or if it's just throwing money away. And let's face it, a crappy proxy can totally mess things up and undo all your hard work, like getting your account suspended – not fun!


OkeyProxy, however, commits to delivering personalized IP services tailored for different user requirements. This service claims to give you worry-free access to any network content and ensures that your access is never detected or blocked. 


That was quite a confident statement. Let's give it a shot and see if it lives up to the hype.

OkeyProxy key features

Parameter Feature
IP Type - Datacenter

- Residential

Price Charged - IP quantity

- Bandwidth

- Duration

Exclusitivity - Rotating Residential: shared

- Static Residential: private

- Datacenter: shared

IP Pool 4M IPs
Price Sample - Residential: $3/1 GB/30 Days

- Static Residential: $ 17/1 IP/1 month

- Datacenter: $89/10 IPs/1 month

Payment Method PayPal, Bitcoin, Doku, Alipay HK
Location Coverage 240 countries
Filter/Target Country, City, State
Proxy Protocol - HTTP/HTTPS

- Socks5

IP Rotation - Residential: rotating, static

- Datacenter: static

Authentication Username & password; Whitelist
Speed Average
Free Trial 1-day free trial
Refund Policy No
Support Live Chat, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email

OkeyProxy Pros and Cons

Pros of OkeyProxy

  • Diverse proxy types: OkeyProxy offers a range of proxy variations including both rotating and static proxies, as well as datacenter proxies, catering to diverse user requirements.

  • Wide global coverage: With a global network of IP addresses, OkeyProxy operates in 240 countries worldwide.

  • Free trial: OkeyProxy provides users with the opportunity to test their proxies through a complimentary trial before committing to any package. However, please note that this trial period will only last for one day.

  • Dedicated Customer Support: The customer support team at OkeyProxy is remarkably responsive and furnishes comprehensive assistance.  The Live Chat support is only available in working hours, you can contact them via email outside work hours.

  • Various pricing packages: Each proxy type has many pricing packages. Based on your needs you can choose the package that suits you the most. 

Cons of OkeyProxy

  • Limited payment choices: OkeyProxy only accepts payments through PayPal, Bitcoin, Doku, and Alipay HK. This could pose an inconvenience for individuals seeking alternative payment methods like Mastercard or Visa.

  • No refund policy: Currently, OkeyProxy doesn’t offer any refund policy.

Get a new proxy on OkeyProxy

1. First of all, log into your OkeyProxy account then head over to the user dashboard. 

2. In the dashboard, you can choose the type of proxy service that you want to use. Mine will be Residential Proxies. Choose “Endpoint generator” to get new proxies.

3. Here you can adjust the proxy details such as location, rotation, username, password, quantity, then click “Generate”.

Setting up OkeyProxy in Hidemyacc for performance test

We'll test OkeyProxy using the Hidemyacc antidetect browser, which helps keep things secure and less likely to be noticed during testing.


The Hidemyacc antidetect browser is designed to hide your actual online "signature" by creating different profiles for each session. It acts like various computers with their own setups, making it harder for websites to detect you and enhancing your online safety.

When you add OkeyProxy to your Hidemyacc profile, it will seem like you're browsing from a different computer with a unique IP address. This makes your online actions more private and anonymous.


Now, let's quickly walk through the steps to set up OkeyProxy in the Hidemyacc antidetect browser for our performance test.


1. Create a New Profile on Hidemyacc.

2. In the Proxy section, add the new proxy you’ve just got from OkeyProxy and check if it’s live. Then click Create and run the new profile.

3. When you activate the Hidemyacc profile, the IPFighter test page will open automatically, showing information about the IP address you're currently using.


IP Fighter is a website designed to help you inspect the details linked to your browser's IP address. It gives you a score that rates the IP address quality and provides data about browser fingerprint parameters.

Here is the score of OkeyProxy:

5. Next, we will check the speed of OkeyProxy.


OkeyProxy shows dedication in their service and promises to offer their customers the most suitable and trustworthy proxies to best serve their use. If you're uncertain about the ideal choice for your specific requirements, you can turn to their consultation for advice. However, always remember that it's essential to test the proxy on your intended platform beforehand.

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