Bright Data review: A closer glimpse of the web data giant

Bright Data (formerly known as Luminati Networks) was an Israeli proxy provider established in 2014. Up until now, they have been continuously expanding their business and steadily standing at the top of the industry. Along with Proxy Services, they also provide other Data Services, making the company no longer positioned as merely a proxy network but rather a data collection infrastructure.

Bright Data is one of the web data giants which first introduced Residential proxies to the market. The company offers a much larger IP group than any other proxy provider, with more than 36 million IP addresses in their IP pool, spreading over 200 countries and cities around the world. Moreover, Bright Data provides all types of proxies to serve various customer purposes so there is a wide range of options to choose from for those who are using their services.

Bright Data Proxy Services

As mentioned above, Bright Data offers every kind of proxies network available, including Residential proxies, Datacenter proxies, ISP proxies, and Mobile proxies.

  • Residential proxies (also called Resi) borrow IPs from real residential users. They are hard to block since websites see it as real people. Resi are suitable for accessing prohibited websites or working with location-sensitive information, such as web scraping, automating social media, or buying limited edition. Bright Data provides over 72 million real residential IPs covering 195 different locations.
  • Datacenter proxies (also called DC) get IPs from servers in data centers. DC are fast and stable, yet easier to identify as proxy addresses and get blocked by websites. They are often used for data analysis, location-specific content verification, and eCommerce competitive market analysis. Bright Data provides more than 1.6 million Datacenter IPs from any geolocation.
  • ISP proxies (a.k.a Static Residential proxies) sources IP addresses from local Internet Service Providers. Basically, they are the combination between DC and Resi, yet websites mostly treat them as DC. ISP are fast, stable, and seem to come from residential users, making it suitable for eCommerce account management and advertising. Bright Data provides over 700,000 real home IPs across the globe, for long term use.
  • Mobile proxies are a type of Resi that uses SIM instead of wi-fi connection. This type of proxies are hardest to block and often used to manage Social Media and localization. Bright Data provides over 7 million real 3G/4G mobile IPs from across the world.

In addition to these proxies, Bight Data also offers Super Proxy Server. These are proxy servers that have optimized performance and the fastest response times. They have efficient traffic ratios and a network that can handle huge fluctuations in traffic with increased speeds. Bright Data provides more than 2,600 Super Proxy Servers across the globe for fastest service.


Bright Data Pricing Plans

Apparently, the only downside of this proxy provider is their expensive pricing. The overall price is higher than other competitors on the market, making it a premium provider. However, despite its high price, Bright Data outstanding features indeed live up to customer's expectations. Bright Data has numerous positive feedback on many online review platforms, their average star score is 4.6 out of 5 based on 536 reviews on Trustpilot, and 9,1 out of 10 on Proxyway. It is currently considered as the best-performing proxy infrastructure in the industry.

Plans and Pricing

You can choose to purchase Bright Data plans in Monthly or Yearly subscription. The Monthly subscription includes the following plans: 

  • The smallest plan is Pay per use which is counted for each GB you use. Each type of proxies has a different price, ranging from the cheapest Datacenter proxies sold for $0.80/IP + $0.110/GB to the most expensive Mobile proxies sold for $40.00/GB. If you want to get a more reasonable price and assistance from their Account Manager, you can go for higher plans. With these plans, you need to put money into your account in order to buy GB with a lower price. The higher your plan is, the lower price you get.
  • The Starter plan is sold for $500
  • The Advanced plan is sold for $1000
  • The Advanced+ plan is sold for $2000
  • If you want to charge more money to get a lower price than plans above, you can choose the Enterprise plan to get a customized price.

Payment Method Supported

Currently, Bright Data supports PayPal, Payoneer, Alipay, Google Pay, wire transfers, and credit cards.

Bright Data special promotional code

Bright Data review

Here is a special promo code from Bright Data which will grant you $15 upon creating a new account.
You can refer to this link which is already attached with the code and sign up a new account to enjoy the incentive.

Creating a new proxy on Bright Data

I will give you a quick instruction on how to create a new proxy on Bright Data in just a few simple steps: 

1. You must first log into your Bright Data account.
2. Click on User Dashboard, at Proxies & Scraping Infra section, choose View proxy product. 

3. Click on Add proxy, you can choose your desired proxies, mine will be Datacenter proxies.

4. At Proxy name section, type your new proxy name.
5. At IP type section, choose Shared (Pay per IP).
6. At Number of IPs section, insert the number of proxies you want to purchase, here I will choose 1 IP.
7. At Geolocation targeting section, choose your desired location, I will choose United States.
8. Click Add Proxy then confirm.

Your new proxy has been created, you can now see all information you need such as Username or Password.

Bright Data has already made a video on how to create a new proxy, you can watch it here to get a better grasp of how to use their services.

Setting up Bright Data proxy in Hidemyacc for quality and speed test

Now I will show you how to set up a Bright Data proxy in Hidemyacc antidetect browser to run a quality and speed test.

1. Create a New Profile on Hidemyacc.

2. In the Proxy section, choose HTTP Proxy.

3. Add the proxy you have just created on Bright Data.

4. Click on Check Proxy to see whether the IP address is still active.
5. You can see this IP address is active, click Create to run a new Browser with it.

6. Upon opening the Hidemyacc profile, the IP Fighter test page will automatically open and show information about this IP address. IP Fighter is a website that supports checking the IP address information you are using on the browser. It will evaluate the score as well as providing you with browser fingerprint parameters.

Regarding the quality score of this IP, IP Fighter is giving it a full score 100/100.

7. Next, I will do a speed test on whatismyip site. 

Here is the download and upload speed of this IP.


Overall, Bright Data proves its superiority in both volume and performance. Bright Data not only has the largest proxy network with a massive IP warehouse across the globe, but also guarantees that their customers will be provided fastest, 99% uptime, never blocked or misled proxies.

On the other hand, its privilege comes with a price. The pricing can be the main showstopper, especially if you go for its premium features such as unlimited bandwidth for the dedicated proxies. Some may find it hard to afford the expense or get confused by its technically complex function.

Despite all the pros and cons, it is undeniable that Bright Data has successfully won the title world’s #1 web data platform. If the price is not the matter to you, Bright Data is definitely one of the best options you can get.


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