360Proxy Review: Do they provide the cheapest residential proxy?

You already have an anti-detect browser that allows you to completely change your browser and device information and now you're looking for a reliable residential proxy provider that offers competitive pricing.

But if you are overwhelmed by the number of proxy providers in the market, you should read some reviews to choose the one that best meets your needs. 

Thus, we present a succinct but thorough analysis of 360 Proxy, which is renowned for its huge IP pool and low cost. 

Quick glance at 360 proxy

360proxy is one of the cheapest residential proxy providers with more than 800 million IP addresses in over 190 countries and cities. There are such numerous numbers that you can easily find one for your needs

Not only it provides a huge number of real residential IP addresses, but you can also own these proxies at affordable prices, especially when compared to other providers such as Bright Data, Smartproxy, etc. 

360 Proxy Parameter Feature

Here are some parameters about 360Proxy that you should know. 

IP Type Residential
Price Charge Pay as you go
Price Sample 4 price packages: 35$, 90$, 200$, 500$
Pool of IPs 800 million
Protocols HTTP and SOCKS5H
Location 190+ locations
Filter/Targeting Countries
Payment options Visa, Alipay, Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, TRC20)
Free trial Not Supported
Refund Policy Not Supported
Support Telegram, Gmail

How do companies use 360 Proxy?

360Proxy has many practical use cases. Due to the high purity and anti-blocking of IP addresses, 360Proxy users can remain anonymous and focus on work:

  • Collect data for E-commercial
  • Research market
  • Manage your social media accounts
  • Monitor price, etc 

Which benefits can you have if you use 360 Proxy?

360 proxy is renowned for having the lowest cost. Yet, there may be more benefits to 360 proxy than just the cost.

  • Optimal cost performance: Profit from a superior residential proxy provider at a lower cost.
    99.99% efficient operation: Always maintain a high response time and a connection success rate of 99.99%.
  • 1v1 customer service: Tell us about your business needs and can tailor the service to your needs.
  • Safe and reliable: Stay anonymous and can be banned or detected. 
    Compatible with windows: 360proxy now supports all Windows operating systems, which is so popular and you can use 360proxy with any software, browser, script, proxy tool, or device.
  • Proxy pool update: 360proxy constantly strives to expand coverage to meet the needs of each client.

360 Proxy price package

360Proxy provides 4 pricing plans ranging from $35 to $500. It will charge you based on how much you use, so you don't need to charge on a monthly or annual basis. Although it is quite similar to Asocks proxy, 360 Proxy is more practical. You have the option to buy a different kind of proxy at a competitive price depending on your pricing plan. You can get proxies at a reduced price in the higher-pricing package. 

For example: If you choose a 35$ package, you can get:

  • 30-days of static residential proxy resources in the United States for 9$/IP
  • 30-days of static residential proxy resources in Taiwan, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom for 13$/IP
  • 12-hour residential proxies for 0.1$/IP.

360 proxy supports various payment methods which makes it convenient for users to pay. You can pay your pricing plan via Visa, cryptocurrency, Alipay, etc.

How to set up 360 Proxy on Hidemyacc

Hidemyacc is known for its excellent ability to hide your identity by changing browser and device information. But it can not change your IP address. So if you want to be totally protected and cannot be detected, you should set up a proxy on Hidemyacc. And here you come, I will guide you in detail on how to set up 360 proxy on Hidemyacc.

Step 1: Download and log in to your 360 proxy account

Step 2: To select an IP, you can use a filter by country, state, city, ISP, or zip or enter a specific IP and then click Search to find IP addresses suitable for your filter. 

Step 3: To forward the IP address, you need to right-click on the proxy, select Forward Port To Proxy, and select the port you want. 

You can check the proxy you forwarded before in Port Foward List. You can choose to Copy All or copy the IP address you have created. 

Step 4: Open Hidemyacc and create a new profile. In the Proxy section, select HTTP/ SOCKS5H protocols which 360 proxy support, and enter IP credentials.

You can check if this IP functions or not by clicking Check Proxy. 

Click Create to finish setting up your profile. Now you can access the Internet safely and not worry about being detected.

360 Proxy Performance Test

I will open IP Fighter to check the quality of this proxy. IP Fighter will show you IP’s information like country, city, ZIP, browser fingerprints, blacklists, WebRTC, etc

As you can see, IP Fighter has given this IPs 90/100 because 2/117 websites have blacklisted it. This score is high enough for you to use safely and stay anonymous. I use the 12-hour residential proxy, therefore you only use this IP for 12 hours. But do not worry, you have tons of clean IPs to use. 

We also test the download and upload speed of 360Proxy on Whatismyip and here is the result:

•    Average Download: 0.54 Mbps

•    Average Upload: 7.73 Mbps

As you can see, 360 Proxy’s speed is quite low, but this result also is affected by the server’s location. You may encounter some latency when access to the Internet. Even though 360Proxy’s speeds aren’t the best when compared to other providers, their high-quality proxies still let you have the finest experiment.

360 Proxy Pros and Cons

Being the cheapest proxy provider in the world, 360proxy has many advantages that can impress you the first time using it. 


  • Affordable and flexible pricing: With a “Pay as you go” price policy and 4 types of price packages, you totally can find the most suitable one for your needs. The smallest plan costs $35 and comes with 350 residential proxies.
  • Undetectable: They offer legit residential IPs from standard ISP, therefore, making it one of the best anti-detect proxies as you will appear as a regular visitor.
  • Rich Source: They have coverage in more than 190 countries with over 800 million IP addresses, making them one of the most reliable proxy providers.
  • Geo-targeting: By using geo-targeting by nation, state, city, ZIP code, and ISP, you can select the IP address that best suits your requirements.
  • Unlimited Traffic and Bandwidth: You can access as much traffic and bandwidth as you want and do not worry about being charged extra. 

Even though 360 Proxy has many advantages, it still remains disadvantages



  • No Free Trial and Refund: 360 Proxy doesn’t have a free trial nor a refund policy, unlike other providers who offer free trials. It means that you have to pay to use their service. And if you are not satisfied, you still can not get back your money. Therefore, you should spend more time considering before making a decision.


In a nutshell, 360proxy enables users to enjoy the best services of advanced IP proxy at the most affordable price and flexible package. Combining 360proxy with Hidemyacc will guarantee your profile's anonymity and privacy because Hidemyacc software will hide original computer parameters and create multiple new computer parameters for each profile which is useful for users to access the internet without being detected. 

Download Hidemyacc and start your 7-day trial now!

If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact us via Telegram, Skype, or Facebook Messenger support.


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