IPIDEA in a nutshell: Can this ambitious proxy provider outstand others?

IPIDEA positions themselves as “The World’s Leading Provider of IP Proxy”, which is quite an ambitious title considering there’re a lot of other well-known proxy providers out there in the market. 

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at this proxy provider and evaluate their proxy product to see if they can live up to their claim.

IPIDEA key features

Parameter Feature
IP Type - Residential

- Dedicated Datacenter

Price Charged - Residential: Bandwidth

- Datacenter: IP

Price Sample - Residential: 5GB – $50 (Monthly)

- Datacenter: 20 IP – $220 (Monthly)

Payment Method Crypto currencies, Alipay, VISA, mastercard, etc.
Pool Of IPs - Residential: 60M+

- Datacenter: 700K+

Location Coverage (city-level) - Residential: 200+

- Datacenter: 30+

Filter/Target - Residential: country, state, city

- Datacenter: city

Proxy Protocol HTTP(S)
IP Rotation - Residential: rotating

- Datacenter: static

Authentication Username/Password, IP whitelist
Speed - Residential: Good

- Datacenter: Bad

Free Trial No
Refund Policy No
Support Telegram, Messenger Live Support, Email, FAQ

According to IPIDEA, they provide over 60 million Residential IPs from more than 200 countries and city-level regions all over the world. However, upon accessing their Residential Proxies home page, there’s a confusing 90M+ symbol which makes it hard to be sure whether their pool size is over 60 or 90 million IPs. 


Get a new proxy on IPIDEA

Firstly, you need to log into your account and open the Dashboard. Then choose the User Manager tab.


Here you can choose to create a Residential or Datacenter proxy. You can also see the remaining number of GB/IP available for your account.


Regarding Residential proxy, you can target the country, state, city that you want. Then choose the number of IP you wish to create and click Generate.


Regarding Datacenter proxy, you can copy the proxy information here. 


Or you can generate rotating IPs from it.


Setting up IPIDEA Proxy in Hidemyacc for performance test

1. Create a New Profile on Hidemyacc.


2. In the Proxy section, add the new proxy you’ve just got from IPIDEA and check if it’s live.


3. You can see this IP address is active, click Create to run a new Browser with it.


4. Upon opening the Hidemyacc profile, the IP Fighter test page will automatically open and show information about this IP address.


IP Fighter is a website that supports checking the IP address information you are using on the browser. It will evaluate the score as well as providing you with browser fingerprint parameters.


Here is the score of IPIDEA’s Residential proxy.


And here is the score of IPIDEA’s Datacenter proxy.


6. Next, we will check the speed of IPIDEA’s proxies.


Here is the upload and download speed of IPIDEA’s Residential proxy.


The speed of Datacenter proxies is very slow and unable to load the speedtest page.

IPDEA Proxies Pros and Cons


  • High speed for Residential proxies: The speed is quite good for Residential proxies.
  • 24/7 support: Live support is readily available for additional assistance, although most of the information you need can be found in the FAQs.
  • Huge IP pool size: IPIDEA has 60M+ residential IPs and 700K+ datacenter IPs.
  • Wide location coverage: IPIDEA’s residential IPs spread over more than 200 countries and city-level regions, and datacenter IPs cover over 30 city-level regions all over the world.
  • Friendly dashboard: IPIDEA features a straightforward and user-friendly dashboard that provides clear and easily understandable information, making it relatively simple to navigate and utilize.


  • Low speed for Datacenter proxies: The speed of Datacenter proxies is very slow.
  • Low reliability: Residential IP addresses remain active for a brief period of a few hours, while the rotating IPs generated from datacenter proxies exhibit a WebRTC leak.
  • Uncompetitive pricing: IPIDEA offers a variety of pricing plans to choose from, but overall, their prices are not competitive. There are numerous other reputable proxy providers available within the same price range.
  • No free trial or refund policy: There is no free trial or refund policy for IPIDEA. However, there are many pricing plans available so you can purchase a small plan to test before committing to a higher plan subscription. 


In conclusion, among other renowned proxy providers, IPIDEA has managed to carve out a distinct place for itself and defines their position as the leader of the market. Despite not being able to be the top performer in the market yet, IPIDEA manages to deliver customers with proxies of fine quality. 

Their proxies offer a wide range of use cases, accompanied by detailed information on how they can address specific needs. However, there are still concerns regarding their proxy live duration and reliability.

As with any service, it is recommended to thoroughly evaluate individual requirements and consider other alternatives, but IPIDEA certainly stands as a notable contender in the proxy market.

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